You’re not alone.

        My Favorite Things recently came out with this sweet swinging girl with a little bunny watching her swing her worries away.

Sometimes we need to be reminded we are not alone. Maybe we can make others feel better by showing them some love and in return, we also can reap benefit from being kind to others. Totally stole that from the show “After Life”. Hope you like her!

Cute little new stamp set. I also purchased the matching dies.
Alcohol ink creation. Usually I don’t plan a scene, but I wanted a “sun” in the background. I used Yupo paper.
This is also a new MFT die set. This is to make your images swing on a pendulum, make an actually swing or use the triangle to attach two pieces and make it swing. Like I did for this card.
This die can be used as tree coverage or clouds in the sky. I cut two different color card stock pieces and attached to each other.
I have had this woodsy die for a while and did not label from where I bought this.
This card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 top folding. The little flowers are from Hobby Lobby, I think!!!

Have a great Monday!! 

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