Growing in Unity Day 3

Since I grew up on the southern hemisphere, our seasons were opposite from where I live now. Where we would usually prepare for Winter about this time of the year, I now get to plant flowers and spend sunny days outside. I have a massive backyard that I am fencing in this year and that requires a whole revamp of the yard. Naturally, right? Any excuse to make fairy gardens or make the bees happy! Here is my little card!

I repeated this technique I used from the card below.
I made this card a few months back and I had a request for instructions.
All the stamps that were used can be found in this kit.
Click on the link for the Unity Stamp website.
Clear embossing powder and Nocturne VersaFine Claire.
Using a 4/14 x 5 1/2 cardstock, clear stamp these stamps, all found in the kit, in any order.
Heat emboss in between different stamps. I was afraid if I stamped all the images, that it would be too dry and the embossing powder wouldn’t be wet enough to cling to.
Used these distress oxides for the background.
Apply in a circular motion on a glass or reusable mat. Spray with water.
The look after smooshing it twice.
For this border look on both the cardstock and the girl, use any die that has two rows of embossing or detail with a cut line in the middle.
Use the same die to cut the background. I used a slightly brighter green card stock as backing before mounting it on the actual card. Trim the green 1/8 on top and side. Trim the background even smaller.
I only have one tag die. I stamped the sentiment, punched a hole and attached it to the same green card stock. Free cut the pattern as the tag.
Punch a hole and thread some twine through it. Use some foam tape to raise the sentiment.
And there she is. I didn’t want to completely color her as the image is already busy.

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds”

Dinos Christianopoulous

Happy Wednesday Unies ! Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite plant or tree or gadget to work with when outside in the garden!

53 thoughts on “Growing in Unity Day 3

  1. Love this technique. I have distress Oxide’s but I haven’t used them very much. I also love gardening and photography. Love your cards and can’t wait to try this.

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  2. Gardening is not my joy but I love to walk through a beautiful sunflower garden sans bees( allergies) and I really like the smoosh effect . Thank you for sharing your talent and ideas !!!


      1. Doing the happy dance here! I contacted you through your artist page on FB. Is that a good place to send my address? I really loved your week–you had some beautiful cards and sparked a lot of creativity for me. Thanks so much! Dawn


  3. Perfectly wonderful card! I am not a gardener, but have a bff who is and this has inspired me! Thanks for all the great instructions!

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  4. I need to get this set out and try your BG technique. I love how you loosely colored the girl. And the tag! Sets it perfectly!! Really your only tag die!?? I have too many! I’m gonna send you a few!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is such a cute card. Love the colors and composition, it makes me happy. I’ve not used Distress Oxide ink before but from all the beautiful cards on this site, I’m thinking I need to try them. In the garden I love hostas because they are so beautiful and easy to grow in the shade and very low maintenance. And daisies in the sun.

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